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Willful Defiance

Policy Resources

Community Not Cops
“Community Not Cops is built off of the work that Dignity in Schools Campaign members have been doing to build real safety in their schools and communities. Their organizing is creating a cultural shift, transforming schools by addressing systemic and structural inequality, and shifting power to students and parents so they can determine what their needs are and what real safety looks and feels like for themselves.”

The People’s Plan for Police Free Schools
“Police don’t belong in our schools and our students and families deserve a chance to remain, learn and thrive in Oakland. We call on OUSD to adopt this implementation plan to reinvest the school police budget into support for the whole child and students with disabilities. We call on OUSD to join a growing list of school districts—from Toronto to Pomona—who are actively implementing solutions like these to achieve authentic student safety.”

We Came to Learn Report
“The report calls for the removal of police from schools and envisions schools where Black and Brown students are afforded the presumption of childhood that they deserve.  Policing in our schools must be supplanted by divesting from militarization and investing in community-building strategies that not only improve the quality of safety for students of color, but the quality of their educational experience.”

Model Code on Education and Dignity
“The DSC model code gives specific recommendations to reform school discipline policies using the human rights framework…This human rights framework envisions an educational system where schools adapt to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of every student; where students, parents, and teachers all participate in decisions affecting education; where all students are treated with dignity and attend school free from discrimination of any kind; and where communities play a central role in monitoring education policies and practices to continuously improve educational outcomes for students.”

TRUTH: Nine Point Platform
“We, the National TRUTH Council of 2017-18, draft this document in the radical tradition of creating manifests in order to define our revolution and achieve liberation. The manifesto was inspired by and builds upon the Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Program, the Young Lord’s 12 Point Program and Platform, and the Third World Gay Revolution. The manifesto is not a static document, but a living one, so that it may be updated and changed to reflect the council’s increasing understanding of the systems of oppression and the changes in the language we use to describe both ourselves and these systems.”

State Policy Framework for Abolishing School Police on the DSC CA
“We have seen too often that attempts to restrict the use of state funding for school police are easy to evade and difficult to enforce. Districts simply shift from relying on state dollars to relying on local revenue sources to fund police. The new result is that police remain and essential services are often crowded out.”